Personalised Gifts

Unleash Your Creativity with our Personalized Gifts - Make Every Moment Memorable!

Personalised Make-up Bags

Make-Up Bag SMALL
$44.00 USD – $54.00 USD
Make-Up Bag XL
$98.00 USD

Personalised Card Mats

Personalised Toiletry Bag

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You can count on us for printing:

  • Eye-Catchers for advertising & events:
  • Printed Interieur Textiles
  • Printed Textiles for Fashion
  • Personalised Gifts: The Designer? YOU!

Your creation deserves the best quality!

We love slow fashion. We print "on demand" on sustainable materials. We make washable products that last a long time and are kind to our planet Made in BELGIUM. Also discover our range of recycled textiles!

Happy to help you with a custom design!

Contact us via email for advice and assistance. We respond within 24 hours.

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