Microfresh Golf Towels


Introducing our premium golf towels, personalized with your visual logo sponsors for a touch of professional flair on the greens.

Crafted with high-quality materials, our golf towels are designed to enhance your game while showcasing your brand with pride. Made from highly absorbent Microfresh fabric, these towels ensure optimal moisture absorption, keeping you dry and comfortable throughout your round.

Our towels feature vibrant, full-color printing, allowing your logo sponsors to stand out boldly against the backdrop of the course. Whether you're teeing off at a corporate event, tournament, or leisurely game with friends, these towels are the perfect accessory to elevate your golfing experience.

Make a statement on the fairway with our customizable golf towels, tailored to reflect your brand's identity and leave a lasting impression with every swing.

Material: highly absorbent Microfresh 400gsm, super fast drying.

Sizes: full prints: 28x39cm

MOQ 5 pieces ( multiple of 5pieces)