Textile Posters

Textile Posters with High-Quality Prints and Beechwood Sticks: Our textile posters are made from wrinkle-free polyester and feature premium prints. They come with beechwood sticks, attached in tunnels at the top and bottom for a sleek hanging. Personalize with logos, patterns, or inspiring images in line with your branding. Perfect for a professional look in hair salons, offices, shops, trade shows, and more.

Material: Closed fabric or lightly transparent flag fabric

Finishing: Sides are cleanly cut with a tunnel at the top and bottom. The flat tunnel size is 4 cm. Includes beechwood sticks (diameter 20mm) with hanging rope.

Sizes: Widths of 30, 40, 45, 60, 90, or 120 cm, custom lengths available.

Quantities: Minimum orders starting from 1 piece.

Additional info: For indoor use.